An interiors + homewares company inspired by years spent roaming the globe, Dos Ombré is the brainchild of Australian creative Andrea Horvatt. Founded in 2012 after returning home armed with fresh ideas + a renewed sense of creativity, Andrea set about creating one of Australia’s most inspired lifestyle brands.
Born from a desire to bring meaningful design, high quality products + a unique personality to clients’ homes, Dos Ombré offers a curated mix of luxurious treasures for your home, sourced from artisans around the globe. Creating handmade pieces that marry traditional craftsmanship with the basic needs + aesthetics of 21st century living, Dos Ombré partners with trusted makers who lead with world-class sustainable practices, further ensuring that the brand has minimal impact on our precious environment.
Valuing quality over quantity, Dos Ombré pays attention to the smaller details (thoughtful design, fabrications + limited edition runs) + approaches design with the mindset that colour, texture + form provides the ultimate level of sophistication to any room in the home.
Passionate about empowering clients to walk through the doors of their homes + be surrounded by the memories they have created throughout their life, Horvatt reinvents + reimagines contemporary living with her own unique point of view.

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