SAARDE Hand and Body Moisturiser - istanbul

SAARDE Hand and Body Moisturiser - istanbul

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Deeply moisturising and nourishing hand and body moisturiser.  Made in Australia using the highest quality ingredients including extra virgin olive oil. Scented with the signature Saardé fragrance - Saint-Raphaël.

Fragrance Notes:

Feel  rounded · hot · lingering · joyful  

Notes   orange blossom, saffron, lemon, cinnamon

“Since I was little, visiting somebody’s place would always be associated with a scent. My Baba used to put me on his shoulders and we would go to a different house for dinner every night. Making our way to each place, we would smell hundreds of flowers mixing with the balmy Istanbul nights. With that, I learned that each place has a memory - a scented memory. Saint-Raphaël is a place in France, close to where I studied perfumery last European summer. It is also the feeling of the warm and fragrant Mediterranean air captured in a bottle of perfume.  Abundant, lingering and full of joy, like pink Oleander flowers.”  Shenol Kizek.

Dedicated to the craft, Saardé co-founder Shenol Kizek has travelled to the world’s mecca of scents - the town of Grasse in the French Riviera. Guided by the masters of the craft from the local Institute of Perfumery, he has created his first two fragrances - Istanbul & Saint-Raphaël.